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Synta EQ-6 Mount Review

The Synta EQ-6 / Skywatcher HDT mount by Gregory Wuestenhagen


Here with the tripod is fully extended, with the Synta         
150mm (6") f/8 refractor, properly balanced.  The pivot point of the DEC axis with the tripod fully extended and pointed north is at 67.5" in height.                


NOTE: If you plan to mount a C11 or C14 on this mount (either of which it will easily handle) you will need to mate a CG5/EQ6 dovetial bar to the Losmandy DC11 or Celestron CI700 dovetail plate supplied with the optical tube. It is best, in my opinion, to work it out so that when the smaller dovetial is attached to the EQ6 head,  the larger is riding snugly against the top of the RA axis head, even if the smaller dovetail bar does not fully rest on the bottom of the recess in the mount head.  This makes a huge positive difference in vibration characteristics.